Make A Great Video

Dedicate an hour of your workweek to checking out this video chock full of tips for video production professionals.

Well known video production pro, educator and Premiumbeat blog favorite, Richard Harrington recently released this video presentation on “Creating Videos that People Want to Watch“.

What makes a video successful, both technically and content-wise?  How can you better connect with your video audience and engage them in your message?  What’s the best place or site to distribute your video?  These are the questions Richard tackles.

This is obviously extremely useful for video production newbies, but it’s also useful for seasoned pros.  It’s easy to get caught up in your daily work and adopt a ‘normal way’ of doing things.  It’s important to challenge yourself and always look for the best ways of working and improving your projects.  This presentation raises considerations that will help you analyze what you are doing and why.

Highlights of the video include:

  • Current media viewership data.  How are people viewing video today?
  • Developing and refining the concept for your video project
  • What camera should you use and why?  Consider frame rates & resolutions
  • Working with audio: on-location sound and royalty free music
  • Considerations for location and set lighting
  • Video editing advice
  • Online video distribution channels
Below check out the slides of the presentation or the full one hour presentation:
- See more at:

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