iMovie Foundations


iMovie Tutorial

This iMovie tutorial will get you up and running with iMovie.

  • It contains more than 2 hours of video training.
  • This tutorial is totally free to watch on this site!
  • (Optional) You can purchase the sample media to use as you follow along with the course if you choose (This includes a downloadable version of the course video as well. Scroll down past the table of contents for details).

Please note that I used iMovie version 9.0.9 in this tutorial. If you’re using a newer version of iMovie, the interface will be very different. I’m planning to update this course eventually, but I have other projects I need to do first.

I hope this iMovie tutorial is helpful to you. Enjoy!

All the best,

iMovie Tutorial Contents

  1. Welcome to the iMovie Tutorial
  2. Importing Video Into iMovie
  3. Tour of the iMovie Interface
  4. Ratings
  5. Editing
  6. Manage Projects
  7. Fine-Tuning Your Edits
  8. The Clip Trimmer
  9. The Precision Editor
  10. Transitions
  11. Titles
  12. Credits
  13. Video Effects
  14. Color Grading in iMovie
  15. Slow Motion and Fast Motion in iMovie
  16. Stabilization
  17. Freeze Frames
  18. Photos and the Ken Burns Effect
  19. Photos and Dissolves
  20. Animatics
  21. Maps
  22. Audio in iMovie
  23. Audio Effects
  24. Voiceovers in iMovie
  25. Music
  26. Exporting
  27. Importing
  28. Themes
  29. Trailers
  30. One More Thing